Home Inspection FAQ’s

Getting a home inspection and choosing a Home Inspector is an important step in the home buying process. It can come with a lot of questions.

Here are some of the questions that home buyers frequently ask us and our answers. We hope these can provide you with some peace of mind before you start the home inspection process!

Why is Getting a Home Inspection Important?

A home inspection is important to determine the general condition of the home’s major systems prior to occupying the home.

Home Inspectors help identify serious safety concerns and make other recommendations to help improve the health, safety, and comfort of those living in the home.

What Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Our Home Inspections range from $400 per inspection, but this can vary.

The price of a home inspection primarily depends on the square footage of the property.

However, age of the home, distance the inspector has to drive, and amenities also factor into the price.

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Should I Get a Home Inspection?

I believe all home buyers should have a home inspection. However, home inspections can benefit people in many situations, rather than solely people who are buying a home.

The most important part of the home inspection is acting on the findings to improve the home!

Does the Buyer Need to be There for a Home Inspection?

I always recommend my buyers attend the inspection.

I like to answer all questions and provide additional detail in some areas so the buyers can fully understand my findings and how best to proceed.

Does the Homeowner Need to be There for a Home Inspection?

The owner does not need to be home for the inspection but I do take advantage of their presence.

Owners can provide details about the home that would otherwise be educated guesses!

What are the Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection?

  • Water Intrusion
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Roof Installation Errors
  • Loose Toilets
  • Improper Site Drainage

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Why Should We Hire You Over the Inspector that is Charging Less?

When making an investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the cheapest inspector likely will not equate to the best inspection. 

Check reviews and read sample reports to be sure you’re getting the best quality inspection. Saving $25 could cost you much more in the long run!

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